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The Dairy Deli, Farm Shop and Cafe

The Dairy Deli farm Shop is now located back at Three Gates Farm.

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4pm

Weekends and Bank Holiday 10 - 4pm

Hot drinks and delicious snacks available plus a full range of Calbourne Classics Products

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Luxury Ice Cream made with our own clotted cream and milk from our Holstein Pedigree herd at Three Gates Farm.

120ml Ice Cream

120ml Ice Cream

Individual tubs

VanillaCalb0046 1.75
ChocolateCalb0047 1.75
Strawberries and CreamCalb0048 1.75
ToffeeCalb0049 1.75
Forest FruitsCalb0050 1.75
Mine Choc ChipCalb0051 1.75
Honeycomb and RaspberryCalb0052 1.75
CappuccinoCalb0053 1.75
Rum and RaisinCalb0054 1.75
CoffeeCalb0061 1.75
HoneycombCalb0063 1.75
Orange and Grand MarnierCalb050 1.75
Honey and Stem GingerCalb051 1.75

4L Ice Cream

VanillaCalb0055 22.38
Strawberries and CreamCalb0056 22.38
ToffeeCalb0060 22.38
Honeycomb and RaspberryCalb0064 22.38
Rum and RaisinCalb0067 22.38
ChocolateCalb0057 23.22
CappuccinoCalb0058 23.22
CoffeeCalb0059 23.22
HoneycombCalb0062 23.22
Forest FruitsCalb0065 23.22
Black CherryCalb0066 23.22
Orange and Grande MarnierCalb0068 23.22
Honey and GingerCalb0069 23.22
Mint Choc ChipCalb0070 23.22

4.8L Ice Cream

ChocolateCalb0073 27.23
HoneycombCalb0075 27.23
Mine Choc ChipCalb0078 27.23
VanillaCalb0071 27.72
Strawberries and CreamCalb0072 27.72
ToffeeCalb0074 27.72
Honeycomb and RaspberryCalb0076 27.72
Rum and RaisinCalb0077 27.72